Dosime Announced Bluetooth-Enabled, App-Supported, Personal Radiation Tracker

Dosime has just announced a Bluetooth-enabled personal radiation dosimeter. The ovoid device either clips to your lapel or docks in a wall socket-mounted cradle and will sniff the millirems in the local atmosphere. If it detects the levels of radiation have become unsafe, it lets you know with a phone notification.

The Dosime device measures a consumer’s real-time exposure rate, the accumulated dose, of ionizing radiation, regardless of whether radiation exposure comes from natural sources – such as from soil, air, water – or human sources – such as nuclear power plants, X-ray machines, coal power plants, and nuclear medicine procedures. Whenever the radiation exposure levels exceed specified limits, the new Dosime device immediately flashes with a visual alarm and alerts the user through configurable email, text and mobile alerts.



According to company representatives on hand here at CES, Dosime is a consumer-level startup borne out of the industrial nuclear power company Mirion. Scientist Sandy Perle added the unit contains the same silicon diode radiation detector that’s currently used in the safety systems in 90 percent of the world’s power stations. This device is designed to detect ionizing radiation (X and Gamma rays), which has the greatest propensity to harm human health.

This device pairs with your iPhone when worn outside the home, and is sold with a cradle which allows it to monitor radiation in your home when you’re not wearing it.

The company says that the Dosime uses ‘industrial-grade dosimetry technology’ to provide reliable readings.

The Dosime costs $249.99 and will go on sale early in 2017. If you can not wait till then you can always buy military-grade equipment that does basically the same thing for $149.99, but, without an app.

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