ZTE’s Magic RRU Now In Commercial Use

by Rizwan Baig | Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014 | 2437 views

ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, has made the Magic RRU (remote radio unit) LTE R8862A, part of ZTE’s Magic RRU series, available for commercial use. The ZXSDR R8862A supports 2T4R(two transmitter and four receiver channels) and is widely recognized in the industry for its innovative enhanced coverage solution.

ZTE’s Magic RRU

The ZXSDR R8862A enables operators to meet the challenges presented by the rapid development of mobile data services and multi-frequency, multi-mode mobile networks including increased network construction costs, inadequate sites, and high maintenance costs. The ZXSDR R8862A provides reduced power consumption, reduced size, enhanced multimode capability, and fast site construction.

The output power of the ZXSDR R8862A is up to 2x60W and at just 12 litres it is 50 percent smaller than the industry’s average size. It can be quickly installed, making deployment easy, flexible and convenient. The ZXSDR R8862A has an immediately available bandwidth of 70 MHz, providing resources that can be shared among multiple modes including: GSM, UMTS and LTE, enabling carriers to construct a highly integrated multi-mode network.

The ZXSDR R8862A also supports 2T4R which helps reduce the number of sites and supporting facilities, as well as enhancing cell-edge throughput and greatly improving user experience.

The ZXSDR R8862A uses an enhanced LTE coverage technique enabling 2T2R base stations to be replaced by 2T4R base stations. In a large-scale commercial network test, the uplink gain for 2T4R, compared with that for 2T2R, increased by 3 dB, the coverage radius by 20 percent to 30 percent and the coverage area by more than 50 percent. Therefore, 2T4R effectively improves the signal interference noise ratio (SINR) of cell-edge users and greatly alleviates the problem of limited coverage in the early stages of network construction.

ZTE’s 2T4R devices and the enhanced coverage solution are already in commercial use around the world. In recent years, ZTE has increased its investment in the wireless communications technology field and is an industry leader. By December 2013, ZTE had secured 140 LTE\EPC commercial contracts.

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