Seven ways Unified Communications services can benefit your business

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Sep 15, 2015 | 3215 views

Like most businesses, you probably communicate with customers and colleagues through voice, video, mobile, messaging, text and chat, using many different devices. But, are you using those technologies to work more efficiently and improve productivity?

Seven ways Unified Communications services can benefit your business

With Unified Communications (UC) services you can.  

Unified Communications services bring together all those technologies and devices into a single integrated platform that makes it easier for people to communicate and collaborate on any device, wherever they are located. BroadConnect Telecom is a Unified Communications provider and can help you unleash the potential of UC for your business.

Reach colleagues first time 

When you need advice or information quickly, it can be frustrating trying to reach a colleague. With UC, you just select their contact details from a directory and use a feature called Single Number Reach, which dials all their numbers – office, mobile and desk – until you reach them.

Switch devices mid-call 

Here’s a familiar scenario. You’re taking an important call at your desk and you have to leave for a scheduled meeting. You could apologize and offer to call back. But, with UC, you can simply switch to your mobile and carry on the call.

Take a call on any device  

Working away from the desk and want to access your office services? With UC, you can access all your services on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – and you will enjoy a consistent experience anywhere. Make calls, participate in conferences, check messages or use an application.

Review your calls 

There are times when you need to check on calls you made earlier. With UC, you can access a complete record of your calls and messages. It’s also easy to see if you’ve missed any calls. Call history gives you a complete picture, so you can keep track of all your communications.

Schedule meetings  

If you want to set up conference calls or plan meetings, you’ll find that UC integrates with popular calendar applications, so it’s easy to find out who is available before using a UC messaging service.

Find out who is available  

How many times have you played telephone tag when trying to reach a colleague? To avoid the frustration, you can use a feature called Presence. It tells you when a person is available or doesn’t want to be disturbed. The do not disturb feature is also helpful if you are working on an urgent project and need to concentrate.

Access all your messages  

How much time do you take to check your voicemail, look at emails, review messages and texts? With UC, you can access all your messages in a single inbox. That’s a real time saver and can help you improve productivity.

Unified Communications for your business 

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Unified Communications, BroadConnect Telecom can help. By taking all your existing technology and bringing it together, we can tie your devices and user interfaces into a fully integrated system. With UC in place, you can transform the way you communicate.

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