Why You Should Choose Virtual Servers Hosting Over Dedicated Hosting Plans

by BeemTech | Sunday, Apr 17, 2016 | 3305 views

The acceptance of virtual servers hosting on a global scale is rather a fascinating development over the past couple of years. Most small to medium businesses with limited need of resources find this option to be ideal for their day to day operations. Well, this option carries a strong potential to fill the gap between the expensive dedicated server hosting, and the economic shared hosting.

Save Resources With Virtual Servers Hosting

When virtual servers hosting are chosen, a company can easily meet their custom technical needs without spending a lot of larger than required storage space as well as other hardware features that they might not use on a daily basis.

Apart from reduced costs, VPS hosting is ideally a secure process that comes with partitioned server using software, and each host gets their own partition. This concept is not that new, as the notion of dividing physical private servers has been there for many years. All the individual partitions work independently and don’t have any relationship with other virtual hosts located on the same server. With this kind of hosting becoming more and more popular nowadays, you might wonder what benefit this option offers over dedicated hosting servers. Well, the benefits of virtual dedicated hosting are multiple and diverse in comparison to the dedicated plan.

It’s The Perfect Solution For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

Virtual servers hosting is nothing less than a blessing for small and medium sized enterprises as they are able to host at a nominal amount per year. To be practical, only the large sized business receiving high traffic need dedicated server hosting with large hosting space. However, small enterprises can be able to enjoy the same flexibility and similar hosting services all thanks to virtual dedicated hosting. With the custom requirements of resources that individual companies need, virtual server hosting has been of great help.

Multiple Domain Advantage

With the help of virtual web hosting, it is technically possible to host several domains on a single virtual private server platform. This is a paramount feature since a company that has registered multiple domains can be able to use virtual dedicated hosting without incurring nay additional costs.

The Benefit Of Reduced Costs

The amount of cost a business incurs to maintain such a plan is far much less than the overall cost of maintaining dedicated server hosting plans. This not only applies to price, as you can get the same amount of flexibility, security and additional resources as you would acquire with a dedicated hosting plan. The amount of flexibility that the subscriber achieves is usually at a fraction of the what they would have paid for if they opted for a dedicated server hosting plan.
Even though the level of reliability as well as performance from dedicated plans is usually higher, the difference is gives compared to the virtual servers hosting plans is not really significant for small and medium sized enterprises. When you choose a virtual dedicated hosting plan, you will be paying for a part of the sever with custom server requirements. The best part is that these resources expand as your business grows.

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