Toshiba Launches Next Generation 15,000 RPM Enterprise Performance HDDs

by Rizwan Baig | Monday, Apr 21, 2014 | 1535 views

Toshiba Corporation today announced new additions to its lineup of enterprise performance hard disk drives (HDD), the AL13SXB series and the self-encrypting AL13SXQ series, which are suitable for mission-critical enterprise applications. Sample shipping will start from the middle of March.


The AL13SX series offers capacities up to 600GB[1], the largest-class storage capacity[2] in a 15,000 RPM 2.5-inch design, double the maximum capacity of previous generation drives[3]. The drives provide lower latency and power savings compared with legacy 3.5-inch 15,000 RPM 600GB models.

Customers have the choice of AL13SX drives that support 512n(native), 512e(emulation) or 4Kn storage formats. The long sector models (512e and 4Kn) reach sustained transfer rates up to 243 MiB/s[4] – an increase of 27% compared to previous generation drives[3]. The 512n models provide an increase of 19%, with sustained transfer rates reaching 228 MiB/s.

Customers also can select a Sanitize Devise Feature set[5] function, which makes it possible to quickly invalidate data recorded on the magnetic disks.

The long sector models provide persistent write cache technologies that help protect against data-loss in the event of sudden power loss.

The new products are also halogen- and antimony-free[6] and RoHS compatible[7].


Outline of the New Products

Model Name Recording Capacity Sanitize Device Feature set Self-Encrypting FIPS[8]
AL13SXB600x 600GB NO NO NO
AL13SXB450x 450GB
AL13SXB300x 300GB
AL13SXB600xY 600GB YES
AL13SXB450xY 450GB
AL13SXB300xY 300GB
AL13SXQ600x 600GB YES
AL13SXQ450x 450GB
AL13SXQ300x 300GB
AL13SXQ600xB 600GB YES
AL13SXQ450xB 450GB
AL13SXQ300xB 300GB

* Logical Data Block Length/Physical Data Block Length

  • x=N: 512B / 512B
  • x=A: 4KB / 4KB
  • x=E: 512B / 4KB
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