This Week A New Project Called MagNeo Was Launched On Kickstarter

Apple MacBook Pro users that were so disappointed when Apple removed the magnetic charging ports from the latest MacBook Pro laptops may be interested in a new magnetic USB-C adapter which has been specifically designed for Apple laptops, and takes the form of the MagNeo.

The MagNeo magnetic USB-C adapter supports all devices that are equipped with USB-C connectors, including all the Thunderbolt 3 devices. This includes the latest Macbook Pros both 13-inch and 15-inch as well as USB-C Hubs and Docks, Google Pixel smartphones and more. It seems to have taken MagSafe to whole new levels as not only does it offer charging capabilities, but it’ll also facilitate data transfers, and there’s also support for video up to 5K.



The MagSafe replacement was just designed by a company called Branch, and heavily references MagNeo’s smaller profile compared to the Griffin BreakSafe, another MagSafe replacement accessory.

The only downside is that the MagNeo is definitely not the prettiest design we have seen and unlike the other options out there, does not exactly blend in with the MacBook Pro. However if you are not fussy about these sorts of things, then the MagNeo is definitely a feature-rich accessory that could be worth checking out.

Branch, the company making the MagNeo, says that it will retail for $35, but early adopters can snag one for $29 on the Kickstarter.

As of this writing, this new MagNeo has amassed roughly $25,000 out of its $35,000 goal with 36 days left on its campaign.

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