SP/Silicon Power Unveils The Latest Memory Module - DDR4-2133 Unbuffered DIMM

by Rizwan Baig | Saturday, Nov 29, 2014 | 4914 views

SP/ Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions, today announces the launch of DDR4-2133 Unbuffered DIMM for desktops to keep pace with the next generation of DRAM. Compatible with Intel® Haswell-E platform, SP DDR4 desktop memory features outstanding stability and super-fast data transmission, allowing users to enjoy unprecedented experiences.

Silicon Power DDR4-2133 Unbuffered DIMM

Performance Upgrade to a Whole New Level

As DDR4 memory industry is getting more mature, it reflects the growing demand for computing solutions of higher performance. To meet the needs, SP introduces the revolutionary memory module – DDR4-2133 U-DIMM which supports Intel Haswell-E platform and X99 chipset motherboards. It is available in 4GB and 8GB, and the motherboard can be upgraded up to the maximum capacity of 64GB. DDR4-2133 outperforms DDR3-1600 with high frequency of 2133 MHz and a transfer bandwidth reaching 17GB/s, which is 33% faster than DDR3-1600. The amazing stability and powerful performance will bring a beyond-the-expectation experience for professionals; no matter they are advanced gamers, multimedia workers or DIY enthusiasts.

Lower Voltage of 1.2V for a Greener Life

In addition to system upgrade, DDR4 also resolves a major issue of energy consumption. A lower voltage of 1.2V can reduce 20% power usage compared to 1.5V for DDR3-1600. Less heat dissipation keeps the computer running at low temperatures that will improve stability and extend the life of system hardware. And the lower energy consumption also catches the trend of eco-consciousness.

Persisting in good quality, SP DDR4-2133 memory features high performance, high stability, and low power consumption. In order to satisfy different demands, SP provides various options in channel kits with 4GB, 8GB, 4GB*2, 8GB*2, 4GB*4, and 8GB*4. For those who eager to upgrade their PCs to a new level, SP DDR4-2133 U-DIMM is the best solution to get up to speed! SP insists on selecting high quality and original memory module for DDR4-2133 U-DIMM, and it is 100% tested before shipping to guarantee the highest standard of stability, durability and compatibility. SP backs all memory modules with a lifetime warranty. For more information, please visit the Silicon Power website: www.silicon-power.com.

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