Six Important Things You Should Know About Windows 8

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014 | 3806 views

When Microsoft brought out Windows 8 in 2012, many people found the system disappointing. When you compare the operating system to Apple‘s iOS, it is easy to see where Windows 8 is lacking. Over the last two years, Microsoft have worked to correct any initial problems users had with the system. Now, people are getting used to the system, and some have even grown to love it. Microsoft has recently announced that they will be bringing out Windows 10 in 2015. Before that happens, let’s take a look at six important things you should know about Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 2

1. At first, the system will seem confusing

One of the main things that users complained about when Windows 8 first came out was how confusing it is. When you first use the system, you will find it difficult to navigate. The system takes elements of a phone or tablet (it has apps and a separate app screen) and mixes them with elements of a normal PC system. When you first use the system, remember to give it time. After you spend a few hours using it, you will get use to its functionality.

2. You can customize your start screen

Your ‘start screen’ has a few apps and programs. Many people think that they can’t change their start screen, but that is not the case. You can ‘pin’ apps to your start screen so that they are accessible. You can also delete any unwanted apps from your screen. When you go to the bottom left corner on your start screen, you will see a little arrow pointing down. If you click that arrow, you will have access to all the apps on your computer. You can move certain apps up to your start screen if you want to.

3. Apps run smoothly on the system

One of the best things about Windows 8 is that the system works well with apps. The Microsoft engineers developed this system with apps in mind. That means that your apps work perfectly with the system. For example, the Skype download Windows 8 has is much easier to use than previous systems. In fact, most popular apps work better with Windows 8 than any other system.

4. You can multitask in one screen

One thing that few people know about when they get Windows 8 is that you can multitask whilst using just one screen. If you move a certain app or document to one side of the screen on Windows 8, it will attach to the side, giving you space to work on other things.

5. You should know your secret shortcuts

When you know shortcuts for Windows 8, it becomes easy to use. Here are a few shortcuts to remember. The Windows button takes you to your start screen. If you press the Windows button and the ‘D’ key, your screen will go to the desktop. If you press the Windows button and the ‘alt’ key, it shuts down the app that you are using. Remembering these simple shortcuts will make your user experience easier than you thought it was.

6. The sidebars can be a pain

One thing that all users find irritating about Windows 8 is the sidebars. If you move your cursor too far to the left, you activate a sidebar. Some people will argue that there is no need for this sidebar. When you are getting on with some work or playing games, the sidebar can cause a real disruption to your flow. In the same respect, if you put your cursor in the top left of your screen, it will activate a screen change. These functions should make things easier, but in reality they are a pain.

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