Meet Google WiFi, A Router Designed Entirely In-House

by Elon Musk | Friday, Dec 2, 2016 | 2990 views

Google has yet another router, but this time it is more affordable. Meet Google Wifi, which starts at just $129, significantly lower than the Google’s other, pricier line of OnHub routers.

Google says it has developed a number of technologies to make the Wifi sys work, including intelligent routing of traffic from your phone or device to the nearest Wifi unit in your home. It will supports AC1200 wireless speeds, as well as simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. It also has beamforming tech and support for Bluetooth Smart. Google says the sys will handle channel management and other traffic routing automatically.


Google Wifi routers

But unlike the OnHub routers that Google introduced alongside manufacturers TP-LINK and the Asus last year, multiple Google Wifi routers can be networked just together in order to form a mesh network. And that means it’ll compete with Eero routers, which buyers can set up easily through a mobile app. Google’s app will let parents to limit the wireless access for kids through the touch of a button. A Network Assist feature is onboard, too.

The Wifi router can be purchased in two ways: as a single unit or in a multipack, just like Eero. A single unit is just $129, while the three-pack will cost $299. That is significantly cheaper than Eero, which sells for $199 for one or $499 for three. Google says Wifi router will be available for preorder in the US in November from the Google Store, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy and will ship to customers in December. There was no mention of international availability.

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