Lenovo Yoga 900: Enhanced Performance

Lenovo, a pioneer in the portable PC tablet half and half market, inspired with a year ago’s Yoga 3 Pro. With its “watchband” pivot that turned 360 degrees, the portable workstation joined creative configuration with average execution, making it one of 2014’s most interesting Ultrabooks. The Yoga 3 Pro did experience the ill effects of unremarkable battery life, on the other hand, and its Core M processor implied that it wasn’t the quickest portable PC available.

Yoga 900

This year, Lenovo has attempted to address those worries with the Yoga 900, the successor to the Yoga 3 Pro.Starting with the positives. The “watchband” pivot, already seen on the Yoga 3 Pro, makes a return on the 900 and truly lends the gadget a premium vibe.

Lenovo claims that more than 800 pieces are utilized to make the pivot, somewhat less than on the 3 Pro and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, which permits simple control of the 360 degree turning screen. the portable workstation has been built up in correlation to its forerunner. At 1.3kg, the Yoga 900 stays light however, because of the greater battery, it’s right around 0.1 inches thicker than the Yoga 3 Pro. Still, the 0.59-inch thickness stays great, putting the Yoga 900 near the Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s 0.53 inches.

The Yoga 900 accompanies the same 13.3 inch, 3,200 x 1,800 touchscreen as the 3 Pro. For correlation, the most recent MacBook has a 2,304 x1,440 determination, the Surface Pro 4 2,736 x 1,824, and the Dell XPS 13 territories from 1,920 x 1,080 to 3,200 x 1,800. The Yoga 900’s sharp determination and respectable hues, the above issues consolidated just degrade the general experience and further undermine the premium feel you would anticipate from an item at this cost.

Lenovo’s exclusive charging port looks precisely like a USB port, and all things considered can really be utilized as a third USB 2.0. You can likewise utilize the force block as a charger for different gadgets by swapping the Lenovo link for a USB one. For those who’d rather just go with one charger for both portable PC and telephone/tablet, this is a helpful expansion.

The 900 will switch Windows between the two modes relying upon how you utilize it. Turn the screen much past the 90 degree point, and the OS will move into Tablet mode. The 900 camera recreated hazy and washed-out pictures. Despite the fact that they’re fine for easygoing Skype sessions and so forth, it’s basically another region in which it feels as if Lenovo has come up short at the cost it’s inquiring.


Without a doubt the best Yoga yet, this is a very much composed Ultrabook offering average execution yet it’s somewhat too harsh around the edges to legitimize the high cost.

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