How to recover deleted files and data recovery software

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Sep 29, 2015 | 2177 views


Let me tell you a story. About 7 months ago,I had a laptop which I used for work almost exclusively. As as freelancer I have always thought it important to keep your work machine and files separate from your personal. So I kept my files separate and on a separate machine. This machine started to run slowly after a while, as I think all laptops are designed to do after a few years just to frustrate you.So I decided, after months of suffering along with it, to clean the machine up in a bid to get it running faster again. A simple enough thing to do, since the laptop came with an automatic “restore to factory settings” program. I simply copied the folder with all my work files, off the laptop and onto a flash drive, and then had the program wipe the machine and restore it to its former, speedy factory settings.


It was after this, when I went to place the files from off my flash drive back onto the machine that I realized the problem. Not all the files I needed were on the drive. you can imagine my horror. Apparently the entire folder had not copied over, and I hadnt realized because I saw the new folder on the flash drive and assumed it was complete. I was devastated. I needed to find out how to recover deleted files, quickly! Enter EaseUS and their data recovery free software. A friend, my neighbor’s son, and my local (unwilling) tech support, put me onto them when i explain frantically what happened and I ahve to admit that they really do live up to their tagline, they really are the best free data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from a PC.

I went to the website and downloaded the software ( and put it to work and it did its thing.

It was as easy as 1, 2, 3. I simply launched the program, it scanned my laptop, which took a little while, then it showed me a preview of all the files that could be recovered! I was amazed because by this time I had pretty much given up hope that the folder would have been recovered. But right there, in the preview, was my work folder with all of its contents. I recovered it and was happy beyond belief.

I remembered a little later also that I had some old photographs from a family outing stored on that PC and ran it again, this time telling it to look specifically for pictures (which is an awesome feature of this data recovery software) and lo’ and behold, it found them all! It even found some other pictures which I hadn’t remembered were on the machine! I told it to recover all those files and once again had my memories safe. This truly is an awesome bit of software. It was easy to use, so easy that even a technophobe like myself could do it. It is comprehensive, because it got all my requested data back( and MORE!) and it was quite safe. My machine still ran smoothly and nothing was damaged.

I highly recommend that everyone gets themselves a copy of this software, just in case. I mean, you never know just when you might need it, You can even do what I’ve done now and get this bundle.( It gives you the recovery software (just in case) and a nice backup Home software, so your files are always backed up and your data is always safe. Take my word for it, give EaseUS a try today!.

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