How To Get Back Lost Data Easily And Quickly?

by Tim Higgins | Monday, Apr 30, 2018 | 3188 views

Basically there are two types of people; the one who already experienced the data loss pain and the lucky one who did not face this situation yet or in other words the one who will suffer in future. Have you experienced this or not, do not matter; the thing you should keep in your mind that you have to prepare yourself for avoiding any misfortune, means you should do backup daily.


But, in case if you don’t, and lost your valuable and important data all of a sudden, then all you need is a worthy data recovery software that can fulfil your all requirements. I highly recommend you to use this free data recovery software – the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

EaseUS able to recover lost data in different data lost crises, including;

• Data loss due to sudden deletion or intentional deletion
• File loss due to unexpected shutdown or system failure
• Partition lost recovery
• Recycle bin recovery after emptied
• Data loss because of viral or malware attack
• Memory card recovery after formation
• Mac data recovery
• Hard drive recovery

How Does it Recover Lost Files?

Step 1: Launch

For recovery data, download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and then install it on your computer or device. Then launch the program and select the location where you lose your data and then click the “Scan” button.


Step 2: Scanning Process

After clicking the scan button, the program starts scanning and it is very quick does not take a lot of time. Then the second scan automatically starts to find more lost or deleted files. The second scan known as the deep scan and it goes deeper in order to find every lost file but it takes a longer time.


Step 3: Recover

After the scanning process, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to preview a recovery list before making a final recovery attempt. Check the list and select your desired file to get it back and then click the “Recover” button.


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