Flaunt Your MacBook Air With A Customized Decal

by BeemTech | Friday, May 15, 2015 | 3574 views

There’s no question of how attached we’ve become to our various mobile devices. Some might call it an addiction to technology. Whatever you call it, what once were novelties have become everyday essentials. Your android, tablet, and MacBook Air need to be at your side wherever you go, as most of your social and working lives revolve around them. Unfortunately, their delicate construction doesn’t hold up particularly well to the wear of daily use.

MacBook Air 13 skinsWhen the rigours of daily life include falls, dents, and accidental coffee baths, you need to be sure your electronic device is protected. Many manufacturers and entrepreneurs have offered protection in the form of cases, shells, and bags. Some of them offer a fair amount of shock resistance and protection. The problem, however, is that with these methods you can’t protect your device and use it at the same time. You have to pick your battles, choosing to keep your MacBook in a case while travelling but naked when you’re working or streaming your favourite tv show. Other manufacturers attempted to get around this issue by creating covers for your laptop, but these products ended up being bulky and awkward to handle.

When the MacBook Air 13” is known for its lightweight and thin design, you don’t want to add any unnecessary bulk if you don’t have to. Luckily, there is an answer to your damage woes that won’t pad out your laptop. A skin (or decal) is made from 3M vinyl that moulds over the body of your MacBook, accommodating the Apple logo and every other feature specific to your Mac’s generation. In addition to being liquid resistant, a decal protects your laptop from nicks and abrasions caused by being knocked around or scratched. A MacBook Air 13 decal also adds superior grip. By being easier to hang on to, the odds of dropping your laptop decrease significantly.

The great thing about a MacBook Air 13 decal is that it isn’t just a defensive tool but a fashion statement. If you shop at dbrand for skins, you can choose from a variety of colours and textures to better reflect your individual personality. You can mix and match the colours, creating a complementary scheme between the top, bottom, and tracking pad of your MacBook. Adding these pieces to your shopping cart won’t break the bank; in fact, the MacBook Air 13 Decals from dbrand are so reasonably priced you can afford to purchase a few sets.

Since these marvels of technology are a part of our daily life, it only makes sense that we take pains to protect them from daily wear and tear. Next to keeping them in their boxes as collector’s items, a MacBook Air 13 decal (and skin for any other device you own) will help preserve their good condition.

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