Efficacy in an Online Workspace

by BeemTech | Friday, Jun 24, 2016 | 2658 views

Recent developments in information and communication technology continue to emerge as more people use them for both personal and professional purposes. With tools such as online video conferencing software, businesses around the world are no longer limited to a workforce within their own state, or even in their own country. For individuals, this also means that they can nowbe hired remotely, whether in a company’s branch office, or even from their own homes. This minimizes their travel time, and potentially gives them much more time to focus on their contributions. Different personnel now have the opportunity to work at their own times, allowing a company a potential round-the-clock production rate.

So how does a business not only keep track of all these factors, but also keep updated with all of the people in their team?How can a leader know if their remote employees are maximizing their workflow when they are not in the same area? Innovations to share data and collaborate with individuals around the world may help in creating a strong, multi-faceted network, but in a situation where distance is no longer a factor, the biggest obstacle when running a remote office happens to be how your people make better use of their time. Companies will now face challenges to scheduling virtual meetings not just to discuss their workflow, but also to make sure that they are able to utilize their team around the world.

The Challenges of a Virtual Office

Running an operation in a virtual office space may be difficult, coming with challenges unique to its circumstance, but it is not impossible. New innovations have already been developed to address these demands, and have given businesses the greatest tools against this challenge. While usual meeting etiquette is still applicable in this situation, such as having a clear agenda to discuss, being punctual, and engaging all participants, your awareness of what you need for a remote gathering will play just as an important part as the conference itself. This awareness, and being able to act on it, will make the difference between workforce that is proactive and one that is just following orders. Keeping this in mind, communication video for IT through a provider like Blue Jeanscan give you not just with the tools that you need, but also the newest strategies to keep you up to date, and ensures that your team is getting the most out of these exchanges.

You don’t need to be intimidated by the technology. In fact, the right technology for your company doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be the right tool for what your company needs. Do your research, and you will be able to find applications and software that will help you gather your data, analyze it, and present it in real time. This will create a dynamic and motivating flow that can help you clearly state your goals, achievements, and progress to keep your team informed and inspired by being transparent and clearly showing the results of their efforts.

Beyond the Technology: What Really Matters

In engaging with your team, you must also encourage respect and proper communication. It is clearly pointed out by Productivity501.com that not being able to meet in person can result in a higher risk of misunderstandings. This is due to the circumstances, wherein you may not have full access to a person’s body language and facial cues. This is why you need to be sure that you are encouraging clear discussions with goals, all while making sure that you are following a planned agenda. In addition to this, you must be even more vigilant in sensing any hostility, and addressing them immediately. This helps your web conferences stay focused and productive, while engaging your team respectfully.

Don’t hesitate to change up the purpose of each meeting as well. As noted by Business2Community.com, having different purposes for your conferences will encourage your teams to be more active in their participation. Having sessions dedicated to brainstorming has proven to be highly effective in getting individuals to participate. At the same time, they are enjoyable experiences for most, as there is little to no pressure of having a correct answer, all while still being able to contribute to the conversation.

If you are able to hold your online meetings effectively with the right tools and strategies, your business will be able to utilize your team’s different locations and timezones instead of viewing it as a challenge. Put the strategies outlined above into practice, and have the progress and efficacy in your meetings translate in your company’s overall productiveness. While it may be a challenge at times, it is important that you and your business will be able to adapt to the constantly evolving technological world. You will find that you will be able to hold more regular sessions once you are able to tackle the obstacle of time, and therefore have more opportunities to create a multi-cultural group that greatly contributes to your business and your overall progress.

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