Advantages of Cloud Computing and Its Future [Infographic]

by BeemTech | Friday, Nov 25, 2016 | 2430 views

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, 71% businesses experience ease in application management and administration following the implementation of a private cloud solution. Not only this, 46% of these companies were able to reduce cost and complexities of their IT infrastructure.

For the most part, cloud computing technology is being increasingly adopted by businesses all over the world as an integral part of business IT strategy. And it has much to offer in terms of profitability, business expansion, real-time information sharing, high reliability, and facilitating innovation in business processes.

Cloud Computing – What is it?

Cloud computing is evolving continuously. This infographic aims to introduce you to the world of cloud computing and explain why cloud technologies are in fact the future of all successful businesses.

Cloud Computing Infographic

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