Adata SP550 SSD: Affordable And Oriented

by Tim Higgins | Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015 | 2529 views

Adata’s SP550 is the first SSD to hit our lab with Silicon Motion’s new SM2256 controller combined with SK Hynix NAND. Adata has demonstrated to itself to be happy with going up against different sellers. The organization has its very own few product offerings, and furthermore constructs drives for different brands. As of late, Adata even expanded its perceivability by bundling NAND.


The Premier SP550 does not utilize Adata-bundled streak, however rather matches Silicon Motion’s SM2256 controller with new three-piece per-cell NAND from SK Hynix. It’s uncommon to see that organization’s glimmer outside of cellphones and its own marked SSDs. Be that as it may, SK Hynix keeps expanding NAND yield to make this conceivable.

TLC NAND should be utilized with an intense controller equipped for cutting edge mistake amendment innovation. We have tried Silicon Motion’s SM2256 in pre-generation and retail frame, and on the off chance that you look at our Silicon Motion SM2256, you will gain more about its LDPC code.

Adata arrangements to discharge a 960GB SP550. In any case, until further notice, the organization offers four lower-limit models that convey aggressive execution contrasted with other ease SSDs. Triple-level-cell streak as of now records for a critical bit of the standard SSD market, the majority of which ships in Samsung’s 850 EVO.

Its local compose execution is embarrassingly low contrasted with the MLC and SLC game plans we know so well. Makers battle low compose execution by putting aside a part of the NAND to write in a mimicked single level cell mode. This is a 3 to 1 diminishment in thickness for those cells, nevertheless a 4x increment in successive compose execution.

The four SM2256-controlled drives are all lumped together toward the base of the irregular read IOPS diagram. Longsys’ Foresee S500 240GB joins the Adata SP550s with the same controller. It appears that Toshiba’s A19 TLC is a touch speedier than SK Hynix’s when perusing arbitrary information. The Toshiba blaze has demonstrated predominant in each test. At low line profundities, we obviously see two particular gatherings in the arbitrary compose tests with 4KB information.

Each of the 3 of the drives in the top level expense about $25 more than Adata’s SP550. The time has come to begin stressing why the 480GB SP550 hasn’t left the lower-limit models in these tests. The enormous SP550 has twice as greatly imitated SLC as the greater part of alternate drives, yet isn’t utilizing it to beat Samsung’s 850 EVO.

The ADATA SP550 is a strong alternative in 120GB and 240GB limit sizes. The 480GB model is still minimal effort however its cost is excessively near the Samsung 850 EVO that is a superior drive general and has a more extended guarantee.

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