Zendure Passport travel adapter is designed to power your devices wherever you go

Zendure launched the crowdfunding campaign for their newest device; an all-in-one travel adapter called Passport, a device trying to solve the problem about charging devices while traveling. The Passport travel adapter is designed to do away with that issue with an integrated auto-resetting fuse. According to manufacturer, the technology enables the device to automatically recover from a surge in under a minute, and do so as often as needed.

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter Design

The Passport is a fantastically designed and versatile everyday travel adapter that measures 57 x 72 x 64 mm (2.24 x 2.8 x 2.5 in) and weighs 159g (5.6 oz). The travel adapter sports a minimal and compact appearance design, so that you can without problems put it for your bag for any journey.

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter Features

The Passport features an all-in-one outlet machine and 4 “Press and Slide” buttons, it works nicely with all primary plug kinds round the sector, and you could effortlessly modify its prongs for special stores.

More importantly, not like ordinary, travel adapters with a built-in fuse that desires to be replaced after an overload, the Passport capabilities an car-resetting fuse to shield your devices from any overload. The popular adapter can generally fix itself in less than one minute, and the fuse can rise up to 10,000 reset cycles.

Moreover, the travel adapter additionally features 4 USB ports that deliver up to 5A/25W output for charging more than one cellular gadgets on the identical time. Further, its child-proof mechanism prevents your youngsters from prying open the socket and getting taken aback.

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter Price

The group at the back of Passport is raising fund thru Kickstarter. Users can pledge $39.99 to preorder the travel adapter. If reaching the fund goal, it might be shipped in September 2017.

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