Wonder Wallet Is A Smart Wallet With E-Ink Display

A South Korean startup has announced that it is successfully funded full development of an e-ink wallet on Kickstarter. The Wonder Wallet has an e-ink display, offering a variety of the functions as well.

Wonder Wallet Design:

In the looks department, this die-cast aluminum and polycarbonate (score one for vegan techies) wallet is sleek and polished, and comes out with a customizable e-paper display that lets users switch things up with up to 10 images. They will need to be disciplined with what they choose to keep in it though – there is enough space for up to 6 cards and an extra money clip if you really need to carry cash. The team’s founders say since the goal was to keep the wallet as thin as possible, they decided to forego a coin compartment.

Wonder Wallet

Wonder Wallet

Wonder Wallet Features:

Designed to help users minimize the clutter caused by having too many loyalty cards in their wallets, it lets them store the cards’ barcodes or QR codes digitally. When they enter a place like a cafe, they can program the wallet to remember the location so that it will automatically display the appropriate membership data on their next visit – though users will have to be connected to the phone over Bluetooth to do so. As this device gains more users, the long-term plan is that the people will be able to make use of crowd-shared location data.

Another notable ‘smart’ feature is the lost and found functionality, which sees the wallet send push notifications to the smartphone and displaying a help message on the e-ink screen.

Wonder Wallet Price:

Wonder Wallet is aiming to raise US$50,000 on Kickstarter by the end of year to fund production. A Super Early Bird pledge just starts at $55, which includes a wallet, money clip and battery charger. If the company meets its goal, and everything else goes to plan, this wallets are expected to ship May this year.

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