Volterman Smart Wallet Comes With Thief Detection Camera

Volterman – is the world’s first most powerful smart wallet, a new project on Indiegogo and it is made up of the award winning designers and engineers. It is not just a typical wallet, but it comes with some advance smartphone’s features and specs. The Volterman features included power bank, Bluetooth, GPS tracking, thief detection camera, and Wi-Fi as well.


The idea behind to manufacture this wallet is that our normal wallets are not secure and protected, while they carry our ID cards, credit cards, money, and everything important. So wallet should be smart and protected from thieves in order to save our money. The wallet has come with the space of three cardholders, bifold, and travel sizes.

Five Smart Features of Volterman

Thief Detection Camera

The most intresting and impressive features is that the wallet comes with a tiny camera. The camera will help you to protect your wallet, it captures pictures of anyone who open it and send it to your smartphone. That means if you wallet has stolen, so you don’t be worry about who steal it. Your wallet sends you picture of the thief on your smartphone.

Built-in PowerBank

The newly announced wallet comes with a built-in power bank, so you can charge fully your smartphone. And the notable thing is that the wallet is compatible for both wireless charging and cable wire charging as well. So for those people, whose mobile does not support wireless charging feature, so the wallet also come with a wire cable for charging. It comes with batteries ranging from 2,000mAh to 5,000mAh.


You can also connect your wallet to smartphone through Bluetooth connection. So if you forget your phone the wallet acts as an alarm signals and when you leave your wallet behind, you mobile sends alarm signals.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

The wallet also comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you have internet no matter wherever you are. And the internet does not cost too much, while it is three times cheaper than the regular Wi-Fi networks.

Global GPS Tracking

The wallet also comes with Global GPS tracking feature, which let your wallet secure from thieves. Meaning if you lost your wallet somewhere or someone steal your wallet, so you can easily reach to your wallet with GPS tracking.

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