Torchstar wall mount charger powers your appliances with its integrated surge protector

The Torchstar Wall Mount Charger comes as an all-in-one piece of equipment for the current technology consumer to include into their home or office to right away decorate their power access skills.

Torchstar Wall Mount Charger Design

This is a effective and multi-useful wall mount charger that measures 83 x 128 x 35mm. As we are able to see from the photos, the wall charger capabilities a minimal and smooth design, and the white outdoors allows it to combo nicely with any interior patterns. The compact shape thing permits you to without difficulty pass it from one wall outlet plate to another.

Torchstar Wall Mount Charger

Torchstar Wall Mount Charger Features

The wall mount charger comes ready with one 2.1A USB port and one 1.A USB port so one can rate smartphones, tablet and different cell gadgets, and the integrated phone stand continues your phone on the pinnacle of the charger for saving countertop space and stopping a few injuries.

Furthermore, the wall mount charger also serves as a surge protector the usage of 4 integrated 3-prong outlet, and a LED night time light is organized on the front of the charger, which provides secure and tender mild within the darkish. In addition, integrated sensor lets in it to automatically turn on at dusk and stale ad sunrise. And it comes with a guide switch for flexibility.

Torchstar Wall Mount Charger Price

The wall mount charger is priced at $22.99 USD. If you are really interested, jump to Amazon for its more details. The Torchstar Wall Mount Charger speaks to the growing client demand for seamless power access solutions to be able to make bigger current talents and cause them to destiny-prepared.

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