Stacked Announced Wireless Charging For Your iPhone

by Tim Higgins | Monday, Mar 27, 2017 | 2121 views

All smartphone, no matter how good they are in size, performance, display, or operating system, but suffer from battery life issues. If you use yours constantly while out of juice and looking for the nearest wall socket – provided you have your charger with you. Portable battery packs have been revealed to the market as an attempt to offer a fix, but they involve a separate box and an unsightly cable.

Stacked Wireless Charging

Danny Guez, CEO of Stacked, comes up with the perfect solution to ensure you never run out of power, and from our short hands-on demo, we are inclined to agree. The company has recently launched a wireless charging system that comprises a case for your iPhone whether it be an iPhone 6 or 6s, iPhone 7 or the larger Plus variant. In the back of the case, there is a small battery that attaches magnetically. The batteries are charged up via a wall plug, but you can magnetically connect up to five batteries together and charge them all at one time.

The case is incredibly slim and light weight and adds barely any bulk to your iPhone. When you attech a battery to the case to charge up your phone, there is still minimal bulk added, so you can still comfortably side the whole package in your jeans pocket. If you feel a bit uncomfortable, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not need to have it connected for long, as the company claims that you can get a 60 percent charge in just 15 minutes with this amazing wireless charging case.

The company has also plans to expand its wireless charging solution too, with in-car mounts and desktop audio docks in the pipeline. The most ispiring thing in the case is price, a bundle pack comprising a case, wall plug and battery for the iPhone 7 costs just £99.99. Although, you can also be able to fit the case to your iPhone 6s Plus with no problems.

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