OnePlus announced an all-black ‘colette edition’ of its popular One Plus 3T

OnePlus has revealed a Midnight Black model of its popular flagship-killing smartphone. The all-black finish – according to OnePlus – was chosen after testing 30 different variations. It initially will be available in a limited run of 250 models, just like special edition launched recently in partnership with Collette in Paris.

Right now, it’s still scheduled to be super limited edition and only available through the Hyperbeast online store. It will become more widely available from after that period exclusivity has ended. If you aren’t fast enough, and they’ve sold out before you make it to the product listing, there still be a chance to get hold of one soon.


OnePlus says you’ll be able to buy the Midnight Black version from its own online store at some point in the future in the Europe and US, although that will also be just for a limited time. O2 will be stocking the phone in the UK from 28 March, with Refresh plans starting at £32 per month.

The special version handset will come with 128 gigabyte of inner storage, and an engraved rear case, all the other 3T specifications such as 6 gigabyte of RAM, a Snapdragon 821 processor, and a quick-charging of 3,400mAh battery (‘a day’s electricity in half of an hour’ is the OnePlus slogan). if you need to attempt, grasp one for your self, first: visit Paris after which head to Colette’s store at 213 Rue Saint Honoré.

To make the new colour, OnePlus applies 3 14-micron thick dark coatings, which is thin sufficient simply to maintain the herbal steel look and sense of the strong aluminium body. After being lined, this smartphone is going through two sandblasting classes to offer it that reflective fine we have visible at the OnePlus 3T inside the beyond.

Sooner or later, a thin protective layer is carried out to discourage excessive fingerprint smudges. If it’s far as excellent as OnePlus claims, this need to be sufficient to hold searching new for a long term.

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