Luna Watch By Vector: Compatible With iOS, Android And Windows Phone

by Elon Musk | Thursday, Oct 15, 2015 | 3631 views

A lot of new tech brands are popping up and London based Vector Watch is one of them aiming to take on the likes of Android Wear smartwatches and the Apple Watch. Vector Watch says, it is designing and developing wearable technology that simplifies lifestyles by combining unique design with top-notch software’ so we have put that to the test with one of its two new smartwatches.



  • Stainless steel case
  • 12-mm
  • Leather strap, 22mm
  • LCD screen
  • 50-m waterproof
  • 30 day battery life

A handy specialty for people with busy schedules is a quick way of seeing when you are busy each day. Press the middle button on any watch face and the Vector Watch will show any meetings around the edge.

Nevertheless, the notification will disappear if you do not do something about it after a while and if you get, for example, a number of Facebook Messenger notifications you have to read them in reverse order which makes no sense. A key element to any smartwatch is the design it is sitting on your wrist on constant display and is arguably more of a statement than your phone which spends much of its time hidden away in a pocket or bag.

The main part of the case looks sleek but it’s a slight shame that the bezel around the edge of the glass front feels a bit plastic kind. It is also sad that the nicest bit of the watch is on the back with its dazzlingly beautiful engraved finish.

Alongside pre loaded watch faces there is a store to download more but there are only a handful to choose from and none from any 3rd party developers. You can also download apps but aside from pre-installed.


Luna watch’s battery life is a real, which is an approximately 30 days standout point, but you will need to be happy with the retro low resolution display as a sacrifice.

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