Loop Makes Communicating, Playing Media & Looking Stuff Up Easier

by Elon Musk | Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 | 1830 views

There is a new tablet out there called Loop, a product that was unveiled back at CES 2016 and now it’s finally up for order. The device serves as a video communication device, and family media player, voice-and-gesture-controlled smart screen, and video-sharing hub. It’s targeted as a kitchen screen or as a second screen in the living room.

Loop Design:

Loop has a retro, 1950s-inspired design that makes it feel like it would fit in an old-style kitchen. And this new device seems a lot more like an appliance than anything else. The company says that it re-imagines ‘how we connect and enjoy videos, photos, or online content, together.’

Loop tablet


The device is a communications-focused screen designed to be portable and usable around the home. It has a couple of smart tricks up its sleeve, including far powerful speakers than you’d typically find on a tablet, gesture and voice control to facilitate hands-free control and easy streaming from GoPro and YouTube. You can change screens even if your hands are too dirty to touch the device. The easy-to-clean control-dial on the side makes it very easy to skip forward and back in the content, so it remains easy to browse content. Smart stuff.

Loop Features:

The tablet pairs with phones over Wi-Fi through a companion iOS / Android app, so You can send photos to their Loop and convert it into a digital picture frame. If they really get sick of seeing those photos, they can then use physical dials on the side to flip “channels” or navigate to pre-programed sites, like YouTube, Flickr, or Facebook.

Loop Price:

Loop is available for the purchase now, and its first batch is on sale for a limited time — starting at $200 for a single unit, and $180 each for two units, and $150 each for a set of three or more units. Loop will ship in both the United States and internationally, with the first delivery starting by the holidays.

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