Jabra Announced New Versions Of Its Sport Pulse & Sport Coach Headphones

by Elon Musk | Thursday, Oct 6, 2016 | 1988 views

Jabra unveiled a new Special Edition is set to be released in Q3 of this year, a new versions of its Sport Pulse and Sport Coach wireless headphones comes with some added features. Both models offer IP55-certification for resistance from dust and water. Jabra includes a 3-year warranty with purchase. You can expect around five hours of use on a single charge or up to ten days in standby. Much like Jaybird’s Freedom headphones, you can expect multiple foam eartips to be included with purchase.

The new Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition was already able to track your heart-rate monitoring but is now they adding the ability to check in on VO2 levels, as well. This is how well your body uses oxygen, it’s a measure of aerobic fitness. The Jabra Sport Life app continually takes note of your levels and tracks your progress, providing a read-out at the end of an activity.


The Sport Coach Edition gained a few interesting features with this update too. Most notable is the TrackFit motion sensor that is built in to the earbuds. It is able to track your reps throughout a workout much like a standard step counter. At the launch, it will support ten popular exercises like push-ups, lunges and burpees. Data points are also recorded within the smartphone app. The Sport Coach model also brings built-in encouragement that’s piped through your earbuds. Users will hear guidance on whether to speed up to hit a goal or tips on how to increase activity.

The Sport Pulse is set to retail for $160 while the Sport Coach will have a list price of $120.

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