by Elon Musk | Monday, May 28, 2018 | 2341 views

While the HomePod might not seem like the kind of device that needs a stand, anyone dealing with the “white ring” problem caused by the device’s silicone foot leaving residue on some wood surfaces might say otherwise. So Grovemade has produced a solution of sorts with its HomePod stand in variety of materials, including aluminum, wood and cork. The stands range from $20 to $49 and all include a microsuede foot to protect the surface underneath.

And better it is. Aesthetically, each stand is minimal and tidy, and made of precision-machined and hand-finished aluminum, hardwood, or cork. That way, you can select whichever finish would fit best in your home and add to the beauty of your speaker, not detract from it. You can even choose between two different woods (walnut and maple), two different cork colors (dark and light), and two different metal finishes (black and silver). In addition, to further protect your pristine tabletop, every stand come with a layer of microsuede on its underside.


The different options have been designed to pair with the white or space gray versions of Apple’s smart speaker. Taking a closer look, we see that Grovemade’s stand is available in black and silver aluminum finishes ($49), American black walnut and Eastern hardrock maple wooden finishes ($29), or black and natural cork options ($20).

So whether you’re a current HomePod owner, or are thinking about buying the device and placing it on your antique wooden table, now you know there’s an attractive solution that prevents you from having to worry about whether that ugly white stain will somehow “improve” over time.

Want more cheaper then this, then Pad & Quill Leather HomePod Coaster – $20 is best option that’s unveiled at one the best it conferences.

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