Fujitsu To Release Successor To Its STYLISTIC S01 Smartphone In Autumn

by Rizwan Baig | Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 | 1643 views

Fujitsu today announced that it has commenced preparations for the autumn 2014 release of the successor to its STYLISTIC S01 smartphone, which has been sold in France by Orange since June 2013. The successor model, to be available from an expanded range of locations in Europe, is expected to be LTE- and NFC-enabled, as well as being equipped with the latest energy-saving display and a quad-core CPU among other advanced features.

Successor Model to the STYLISTIC S01

Fujitsu is exhibiting and introducing the technologies and new services available with the upcoming model at the Fujitsu booth in Hall 5 at Mobile World Congress 2014, running February 24–27 in Barcelona.


Fujitsu is developing smartphones that bring together its technologies and expertise for mature users, including the human-centric technologies it has refined for over ten years for its Raku-Raku Phone series, and has begun making inroads in the global market by packaging them together with services for the target user group.

As the first step in this process, Orange began selling the Fujitsu STYLISTIC S01 smartphone, initially in approximately 90 Orange retail locations in selected regions of France. After the smartphone garnered high praise for its user-friendly interface and its exclusive online community, sales were expanded to 250 Orange retail locations across France in October 2013.

In addition, leveraging its experience and expertise in Japan, Fujitsu has worked closely with Orange in steadily expanding the market, such as through in-store events, where customers have an opportunity to carefully examine and experience the smartphone’s features and benefits, and by deploying specialized in-store tools that convey the benefits of the STYLISTIC S01 in a way that is easy to understand.

Successor Model to the STYLISTIC S01

In light of this background, Fujitsu will release a successor model to the STYLISTIC S01, which, in addition to being LTE- and NFC-enabled, is expected to be equipped with the latest energy-saving display as well as a quad-core CPU and other advanced features.

In addition, reflecting feedback from users, Fujitsu aims to further improve convenience and offer simple and safe ways to facilitate communication and share information with family, friends, and other close acquaintances.

Comment from Yves Maitre, Executive Vice President, Connected Objects & Partnerships, Orange

“At Orange, our desire is to provide mobile Internet services to everyone. As people have different needs and different ways of interacting with ICT, we are delighted to be able to work with Fujitsu in serving a new market. Innovation is at the heart of Orange’s strategy, and we will continue to collaborate with Fujitsu in 2014.”

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