Enhance the features of your iPhone with the Lecan I/O iPhone Dock

If you are looking for an aluminum MFI iPhone dock that’s ready with a Lightning Port and an Audio Out function; then you probably interested by giving the new Lecan I/O docking station a risk, since it features all the those competencies, plus more.

It’s the world’s first MFi-licensed iPhone dock that capabilities a Lightning receptacle and audio out with mic function. It’s also the world’s smallest in a back support shape factor layout. The Lecan I/O has a lovely unibody aluminum creation. Your Lightning cable plugs without delay into the port to power the dock.

Lecan IO

The added Flexmech technology allows the Lightning connector to shift forward up to 15º for fast undocking without the risk of damaging your device. Using the custom designed micro-suction pad, you can effortlessly undock your iPhone using just a single hand. In addition, the Lecan I/O features a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can listen to your music while your device charges. This feature also allows you to complete calls without removing your phone. The Lecan I/O achieves a stunningly minimalistic design that matches that of the iPhone. Even with this flawless design, the Lecan I/O Dock works with and without a case on your iPhone.

The dock is even compatible for any 3.5mm iPhone 7 and 7 Plus headphone jack that also has a microphone function with it, so you can easily listen to music and make or receive phone calls, without the need to unlock your iPhone while it’s charging. But not only that, since it comes with the Audio Out feature, it allows you to output your music directly to your stereo system without the limitation of the iPhone’s internal amp; for more amplified and powerful sound than what your iPhone would typically deliver.

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