Dreem Smart Sleep Tracker Monitors Enhances Your Sleep Quality With Tuned Audio

Paris-based Rythm recently started selling a wearable device called Dreem, a lightweight headband that acts on your brains to enhance time spent in deep sleep. It uses sensors to analyze brain activity and plays soothing sounds. It makes use of sensors to research brain pastime and performs soothing sounds.

Dreem Smart Sleep Tracker Monitors Design

Dreem is an advanced audible smart headband that fits on your head. With its flexible design, the wearable fits for all adults. As we can see from the images, the smart sleep tracker features a sleek and minimalistic design. The fabric body is soft enough to provide a comfortable wearing experience.Dreem-by-Rythm

Dreem Smart Sleep Tracker Monitors Features

The Dreem comes equipped with proprietary dry and washable sensors, so it always accurately tracks your sleep when you wear it on your head. Furthermore, using advanced algorithms, the smart headband analyzes the status of your sleep in real time. The tracking data can be used to strength its own sophisticated machine learning algorithms in order to provide you personalized metrics and AI powered tips which help you improve your sleep quality.

The sleep tracker also features a pair of bone conduction earbuds. By emitting soothing sounds that work with your real-time brain activity, the Dreem helps you relax and fall sleep in no time. When you can’t stop thinking, the earbuds use words to distract you and activate your sleep switch.

Moreover, the sleep trackers constantly monitors your sleep, so it always knows the right time that you need to be wake up in the morning. And you won’t worry about the bone conductive technology disturbing your partner. Apart from these, all tracking data will be synced to your smartphone, so you can check the insights on the phone.

Dreem Smart Sleep Tracker Monitors Price

Dreem smart sleep tracker has been available for preorder for $399 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Dreem official site for its more details.

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