Alexa Virtual Assistant Is Coming To Android Devices

Previously, the Alexa Virtual assistant has largely been limited to the Amazon’s own hardware, such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. But for few months, the company wants to expand its virtual assistant availability to everywhere and every device. Back in the March, when the company announced that its virtual assistant has now worked with iPhone devices. And after this, the Amazon Alexa become everywhere and does support a wide range of platforms.

alexa on android device

And now finally, the company has just announced that Amazon Alexa virtual assistant will also compatible with the Android devices as well, starting next week. And the good news is the Alexa will available on all android devices, not the selected ones. You can use and ask anything to Alexa through the Amazon app on your Android smartphone.

The company claims that the Alexa works on the android devices just like it does on the IOS devices. The functions included, which is able to do Alexa, are: you can use this virtual assistant to see the weather forecast, catch up on the weeks latest and biggest stories. You can also order a car on Uber service, and it also capable of works with your home devices as well, means you can switch off and turn on your connected lights, and much more. The users can also do some more functions with Alexa, such as play their favorite music, news updates, and it will create a list as well.

This might interesting and cool for having a best virtual assistant on your device and do your important things and tasks with just your voice command. For using the Alexa, you have to download the Amazon app and if you already have this app, this might interesting. Once you installed this app, just tap the microphone icon, which is placed in the upper-left corner of the app. Then Alexa is active and you can ask it a question and it will you in a very appropriate way and as well as do your given task.

Currently, the Alexa will not available on the Amazon app, but as the company claimed it will available throughout the weekend. You just have to wait for a little to use this amazing virtual assistant.

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