5 Easy steps to avail discount coupons from mobile wallets

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015 | 2756 views

Paying through your debit card or net-banking is passé. There was a time when freshly minted cash was the only way to buy anything from anywhere! Then came the ATM’s and changed our lives for the better. Now is the age of Mobile wallets! Wallets such as Mobikwik are gaining a lot of acceptance due to its amazing Mobikwik coupons.

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The generation Y is addicted to online shopping and mobile apps, thus the need of an even easier method of payments. This need gave rise to another form of payment, direct net banking and mobile wallets. Mobile wallets are authorised by the Reserve Bank of India and is a new way of paying your bills and buying stuff online. Not only are they extremely convenient to use, but these ‘mobile’ wallets are also quite safe and secure. You can pay your mobile bills, DTH recharges and also make all your online payments through apps. These applications allow users to store money in its account and use it anytime to make payments while undergoing online transactions of any sort.

Virtual wallets are a direct off-shoot of the virtual shopping phenomenon that has grabbed the attention of the younger generation. Shoppers nowadays prefer to browse through the numerous online shopping portals and use their mobile wallets to pay directly for the product without any hassles of entering debit card numbers or going through One-time-password procedures.

Easy steps to avail discount coupons from mobile wallet accounts:

1.    Search for websites that offer special coupons: There are innumerable online portals that offer amazing discounts on products and services. All you need to do is find the best of the lot by comparing various websites and research on the credibility of their coupons.

2.    Find your app, restaurant or service in the list: Any good coupon portal will have tie-ups with all leading shopping portals and will offer coupons for almost everything, from restaurants to spas to shopping apps.

3.    Get the best deal through your wallet: Every coupon portal has several options for the same website or restaurant. You should search well before opting for an offer because you could miss a great deal due to lack of research!

4.    Make sure you have enough cash in your virtual wallet: Whether you own a virtual wallet or any other mobile wallets, you should ensure that there is enough balance in your account to perform transactions.

5.    Copy, paste, and enjoy: Once you have decided upon the best deal for your requirements, you just need to copy the coupon code and paste it into the ‘apply coupon’ field while paying for your product or service. If your coupon code is genuine, you will instantly see a message saying ‘coupon code successfully applied’ and the discount will be made valid for your transaction!

These mobile wallets have made online shopping a pleasurable experience. And with discount and coupons offered by them, you can save money too.

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