5 best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6

There are so many brands that launch their cases for a recently launched phone. A phone is launched, and next day its covers are launched. A good phone case must be light in weight and should be as slim as possible to preserve the design and size of a phone that is already very big. So, here are 5 cases that you must buy for your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Obliq Flex Pro Case

1. Obliq Flex Pro Case

The case is truly worth its price. This case has a very simple design and is quite slim but still provides competent protection. You get to access all the ports with proper functioning. It has a textured surface for better grip.

2. Spigen Wallet S Case

It is a very different kind of case for your Samsung Galaxy S6. The case has been made with synthetic leather and has a foldable design. This case is also light in weight. There is a magnetic strap attached which makes all the contents stay safe. You can say that it is a convenient case and is multi-purpose.

3. Translucent Anti-slip 3D Cover Case

The cover comes in an exclusive 3D wine glass fashionable design to make the phone look more elegant while protecting it. It is a simple bumper-style slim Galaxy S6 case cover and gives durability to the phone.

4. Cush Cases Flip Case

Cush Cases is a brand which makes strong and durable cases for your phones. The company offers a two-tone design for its case for Samsung Galaxy S6. There is a window in front so you can see your messages and calls.

5. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This case is strictly known for the amazing protection it provides. It is slim as well and gives access to all the ports that are necessary. It is a single back case and is very easy to handle.

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