4 Things To Consider When Buying A New Smartphone

Mobile phones have become a necessity for almost everyone in 2015. The next time you’re thinking of buying a phone, these are some things you should consider:



The screen is vitally important to your phone. Think about it, you’re going to be staring at it all day and probably some of the night too! So, it needs to be a good quality screen that isn’t a pain to look it. It should be crisp and clear and play high-quality videos. Recently, Sony released the world’s first phone with a 4K screen. This makes it the highest quality screen you will find on planet earth. There’s also screens like Samsung’s 1080p AMOLED display that has received phenomenal reviews. Also, screen size is very important too. These days, if a phone has a small screen, then that’s a black mark against it.


Mobile phones aren’t cheap, even the ones that claim to be ‘budget’ phones are expensive. But, you have to pay the price if you want all this technology. I always compare mobile phones to see the different prices. Why? Because it’s the best way to find any deals and see which ones are the cheapest and which are the most expensive. Then, you can cross off any phones you can’t afford from the list. Plus, seeing the price can help you decide between two phones you’re looking at. It’s very important to consider price when you’re purchasing a new phone.


If you’re like me, then storage will be a major factor when buying a phone. I need a phone that has a lot of storage. In general, I shy away from phones that don’t give you lots of internal storage. I have so much stuff on my phone that the storage fills up very quickly, so I need a lot of it! Where possible, I look for phones with expandable storage too. If I see a phone with 16gb storage and a microSD slot, I may consider getting it. But, if you’re only offering me 16gb with no expandable storage then I’ll take my business elsewhere.


The size and weight of a phone are also some things to consider. Gone are the days where phones would be chunky and feel like a brick. Nowadays it’s all about being slim and light. It’s probably because no one wants to carry around a heavy phone in their pocket. Now, the size of a phone is a bit of a blurry subject. You have things like iPhones, which are generally quite small. Some people think the old iPhone 5s was way too small for a modern smartphone. If a phone is small, it will compromise screen size. I like to have phones that are large because a bigger phone means bigger screen and a bigger battery. A bigger battery means it will last longer during the day. But, if a phone is too big it can be hard to fit in your hand. I’d go to a shop and get a feel for different phones. See which one feels best in your hand.

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