Lief Smart Patch Is Designed To Initiate Calming Exercises

The Lief smart patch, currently funding on Kickstarter, helps promote calm by teaching the user how to control the body’s natural stress responses. If the Lief detects a stress response, it will trigger a biofeedback training exercise that lets the wearer practice breathing with their heart bringing them back to a calmer state. The breathing exercises can also be triggered manually, for practice at any time.

Lief Smart Patch Features:

The small, flexible Lief patch takes a different approach. Underneath flexible silicone exterior lies a 3-axis gyroscope and an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, both of which are just designed to record movement and heart beats (with accuracy down to the millisecond). Since the patch is worn against the body – underneath the pectoral muscle to be closer to the heart – the thinking is that there will be greater reliability due to stronger signal strengths.

Lief Smart Patch


The patch itself is totally discreet; you wear it under your clothes, and unless someone is feeling your torso intently, no one will ever know you are wearing it. When it senses that you are stressed out or need a mental break, it’ll vibrate. Then, it will vibrate in rhythm to help you focus on your breathing and calm your mind and body. There is no need to look at your phone for what to do; just exhale when the patch gently vibrates. Four different breathing exercises are included with the Lief: one to help you better control your heartbeat, one to relax your mental state, one to help you become calmer, and one to reinforce all of these techniques.

Lief Smart Patch Price:

If you’re interested in pre-ordering now, you can do so at the Lief Kickstarter page. The super early bird price of $160 is long sold out, and the regular early bird price of $180 is almost gone too. The next level is $200, which is a lot, but not nearly as much as the expected retail price of $300, which is what you will pay after the product is available to the general public. If the Lief sounds like a wearable that will help you life a more relaxed, stress-free life, we recommend you pre-ordering soon before the price goes up.

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