Xbox Elite – Skillful Wireless Controller

by Tim Higgins | Saturday, Sep 19, 2015 | 4688 views

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller includes more buttons and a better feeling, but its price makes it accommodate for pro gaming players instead of everyone who wants a greatly built controller. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is going to level up the skills of Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming players later this year with a very good feeling, more complex gaming pad.


It has more trigger buttons, configurable inputs, a better grip and a heavier feel. All of this makes it accommodate for professional gaming players and anyone who has money to burn on a new controller. There are 4 slots for similar paddles on the back, and all four can be attached and removed without tooling.

They are the Apple Watch bands of video game controllers. Fan requested characteristics make the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller the best gaming pad you can pre order right now, thanks to new trigger buttons and swap-able parts. There is a little bit of magnetism holding them in place.

The all-metal D-Pad choices works much the same way, with a standard cross design and a faceted plate that fits over top of the controller. It is important to know what these new buttons do in each game and how to hold the controller without pressing them.

Obviously, this is a professional level gaming controller, so it is designed for the best players who are in need of more buttons at their literal fingertips. Therefore, the adjustment period cannot be seen as a con.

The top of the controller has a more normal-looking, soft touch paint with a little more grip, so it isn’t hard to readjust your hands. My thumbs could still easily slide across the top while playing. The face buttons and right and left bumpers have not changed in size, but they are now colorless. Eventually, true elite gaming players do not need to see yellow, blue, red and green.

Final Conclusion

Xbox Elite Controller is designed for pros and, really by considering how much it costs, that is who should be first in line for the October release date.

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