The Best Gaming Gear For Every Kind Of Player

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Jun 7, 2016 | 4667 views

Gaming is a hobby that requires a big time investment. Think of all those hundred-hour RPGs and those addicting online shooters. This in mind, why would you not make the most of that time? Gamers need good gear, in order to play and enjoy their hobby, in style.

So, while you look forward to The Last Guardian, why not stock up on some supplies to ensure you’re ready? Here’s the very best gaming gear, gadgets and items that should be on your shopping list!

gaming joystick

Edible gear for getting a leg up on your opponents

Now I’m cheating a little here as this isn’t technically, ‘gear’, but it’s important nonetheless!

Contrary to popular belief, gaming is actually a rather strenuous activity that tests your mental ability. You have to think fast, and react even faster – or you’re toast. Fortunately, gaming food exists, and it’s specifically designed to make you feel alert and ready.

Now I can’t attest to the nutritional value of this grub, but if you’re a hardcore gamer, it’s worth a shot. From energy bars and drinks to performance-based snacks, you’re bound to see your competitive game improve.

Gear for decorating your gaming space

Personally, my gaming space is combined with my work office, and it’s littered with a ton of pop-culture toys. I’ve got Star Wars stuff, Uncharted stuff, Nintendo stuff… it really makes the space feel alive! It helps me get in the zone and concentrate no matter what I’m playing.

But shopping for decorations is boring, and it’s hard to know what’s actually good or not. For these kinds of people, loot boxes exist, and they’ll ship you a box of gamer goodies each month. Think toys, gadgets and foodstuffs. Perfect for pimping out your pad! There’s a wide range of buying options available, and there’s a monthly subscription here.

Gear for improving the audible action

Sound is everything when it comes to games. In most online shooters, it can be used to identify where the gunfire is coming from. In singleplayer experiences like The Last Of Us, it can immerse you in the world with ease. It’s a vital aspect of the experience, and it deserves your attention!

A device such as the Logitech G430 is perfect in this scenario. It’s got a microphone attached and serves up full 7.1 surround sound, so you’ll never miss a beat. Plus, it’s considered a budget option when compared to other choices on the market.

Gear for ultimate precision control

Over the years, some of the controls we’ve seen manufacturers release have left a lot to be desired. The Dualshock 3, which was lambasted for its triggers (though I liked it) is one such example. There’s also the Xbox 360 controller, which felt rather chunky, and needed a slimming down.

Speaking of Xbox though, they hit it out the park with this latest offering. The Xbox One Elite controller is expensive, but it’s built to perfection and feels great to hold. You can add programmable paddles to the back, and you can even swap out the d-pad and sticks. Not too bad for a rather archaic controller design!

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