Microsoft Windows 10 Gaming Mode Will Increase Gaming Performance

Microsoft officially started testing a new Window 10 Game Mode feature to enhance the performance of gamers. Refrences of the new option were found back in December, but the most recent test build of Windows 10 15007 includes Game Mode in the Xbox app.


MSPoweruser has revealed some details in the form of screenshots of how you can enable the option, but Microsoft only just today unveiled Game Mode to the public in a post published to its Xbox Wire blog.

Windows 10’s Game Mode makes your PC prioritize its resources to increase gaming performance. “Our vision is for Game Mode to optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming. This is a big update for Windows; we are looking forward to Insiders getting their hands on this feature for further testing, and we will have much more to share on what it is  and how it works soon, so stayed tuned,” head of Xbox platform engineering Mike Ybarra in a post on the Xbox Wire.

Ybarra also added that this Game Mode supports both Win32 and Universal Windows Platform gamers. Windows Insider members who test forthcoming updates will start to see visual elements of Game Mode show up this week. It will not actually become usable to those users until someone “shortly thereafter.”

It is also not clear if Windows 10 Game Mode will  only optimize Windows Store games, or all games. But if users want to check it out now, or when the Microsoft turns its functionally on to the public, just call up the Game Bar with Windows key + G, and then click on the Setting icon to view the Game Mode feature.

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