ASUS Republic Of Gamers Announces Rampage V Extreme

by Rizwan Baig | Saturday, Sep 13, 2014 | 2408 views

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the Rampage V Extreme, an Intel® X99 chipset-based gaming/overclocking motherboard engineered to take the latest LGA 2011-v3-socket Intel Core™ i7 (‘Haswell-E’) processors and DDR4 memory to their limits.

Rampage V Extreme

The Rampage V Extreme supports quad-channel DDR4 memory and is equipped with exclusive technologies to aid overclockers that include the patent-pending OC Socket, OC Panel, Safe Boot and ReTry buttons. Thanks to its specialized design and features, the ROG team has already broken 28 performance records1 with the Rampage V Extreme.

The Rampage V Extreme remains cool with DirectCU direct-contact cooling, X-Socket II and Fan Xpert 3 technologies. The motherboard takes the latest connectivity features to extremes, with dual 10Gbit/s SATA Express ports, a built-in 32Gbit/s PCI Express 3.0 x4 M.2 slot and 802.11ac Wi-Fi with a 3×3 antenna configuration.

For gamers, the Rampage V Extreme has a number of innovations for an enhanced user-experience – featuring SupremeFX 2014 for immersive audio plus Intel Gigabit Ethernet and GameFirst III for no-lag networking.

Exclusive features for extreme overclocking
The Rampage V Extreme is packed with technologies to unleash extreme performance — starting with OC Socket. This exclusive processor socket utilizes extra pins to connect a proprietary circuit to contacts found on Haswell-E’s land grid array (LGA). When combined with the ASUS- customized UEFI, OC Socket enables higher DDR4 memory frequencies, lower memory latencies and enhanced stability while overclocking – even under extreme liquid-nitrogen (LN2) overclocking. OC Socket is 100% compatible with new Haswell-E LGA 2011-3 CPUs, ensuring the ideal combination of overclocking performance, stability and compatibility. The Rampage V Extreme grants overclockers the freedom to break every performance barrier.

Employing renowned overclockers in our R&D teams and having a dedicated ROG forum community for our end-users helps us understand the needs of overclocking enthusiasts better than any other manufacturer; the Rampage V Extreme includes all-new hardware-level Safe Boot and ReTry buttons that quickly put things right when overclocking adventures go wrong .

The Rampage V Extreme ships with OC Panel, ROG’s exclusive real-time system monitoring and tweaking accessory that’s a must for all enthusiasts. Installed into a 5.25-inch drive bay, OC Panel has a bright, clear 2.6-inch display that provides live monitoring or control of vital parameters, including CPU temperature, ratios, voltages, base clock and fan speeds. The CPU Level Up button provides instant control over two-stage overclocking, while CPU fan speeds can be adjusted to Turbo, Standard and Silent modes.

Alternatively, OC Panel acts as an external overclocking console. In this mode, there are connectors and switches for exclusive ROG features including Subzero Sense, VGA SMB, VGA Hotwire, Slow Mode and Pause. It also offers access to four four-pin fans connectors, as well as remote power and reset buttons.

Clean, precise power
An extreme platform demands extreme control and clean power, and nothing delivers that better then Extreme Engine Digi+ IV — the Rampage V Extreme’s voltage-regulator module (VRM).

MicroFine alloy chokes lower overall core loss for lower temperatures, while the VRM has been upgraded with a brand-new PowIRstage® IR3555 design. This chip integrates the driver, high-side and low-side MOSFETs for optimal performance and reliability. With user-controllable VRM switching speeds up to 1MHz – Extreme Engine Digi+ IV is perfect for any type of usage scenario – from efficiency oriented to extreme performance.

Ultimate compatibility, cooling and quietness
The Rampage V Extreme’s three-piece X-Socket II makes easy work of mounting existing LN2 or dry-ice evaporator pots to the latest LGA2011-v3 socket. The supplied star-keyed screwdriver enables easy replacement of the LGA2011-3 back plate with X-Socket II, so users are able to use their existing evaporators.

Exclusive DirectCU cooling technology includes an updated conductive copper heat-pipe in direct contact with the Rampage V Extreme’s VRM. Heat is then dissipated through two large aluminum heatsinks to lower temperatures by up to 7°C over conventional designs.

Eight (PWM/DC) fan connectors are placed onboard – these can be set react to temperature changes from one of four onboard sensors, or via one of three thermal probe headers (thermal probes included). The exclusive Fan Xpert 3 fan control software helps users monitor the temperatures of up to seven motherboard areas and key components in real-time.

ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme is priced at $499 and will be available in September at authorized ASUS resellers and distributors.

About ASUS
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