Brilliant Gifts For The Gamer In Your Life

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016 | 6605 views

If you have a gamer that’s close to you, but you’re not a gamer yourself, buying gifts for them can be a real trial. Gaming is a massive subject, especially in this day and age. There isn’t a general go-to gift you can give any gamer expecting it to go down a storm. Here are a few ideas for the gamer in your life which may help you out.

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The Obvious

That’s right, games! I know what you’re thinking now. “I can’t tell Fallout from Pac-Man, how am I meant to pick out a game for_____?”. Game shopping might leave you feeling completely lost, but there’s a few tricks to this. You could try talking to your gamer’s friends or family, and asking about any upcoming releases they’re excited about. If that’s too unsubtle, then check out their social media pages. Seeing the games they love already is a great way of finding ideas. It may take some research, but there are countless online resources for discovering different titles.

A New Controller

In the gaming world, the controller you use is something of a status symbol. If you’re using the company’s starter models, then you’re obviously a noob. If you have a custom piece, then you strike fear into the hearts of your opponents! A new controller will be something almost every gamer will love. This can be an easy buy to mess up though! Most passionate gamers will have brands they love and loathe for different reasons. Try to get a peek at the gear they’re using currently, and find something from the same label. Get it right, and their face will light up!

A New Capture Card

NOTE: This is a gift for console gamers only! While PC gamers can use different programs to record their gameplay, console gamers need to lean on external hardware. Capture cards are devices used to record console gameplay, which can then be shared in your gamer’s community. If you know your gamer wants to become a professional, then this is the gift to go with. In the pro gaming community, videos of your performance is an essential. There are a range of capture cards to choose from, and a little research will tell you the quality you’ll be looking at


If you’re really unsure, then vouchers may be the way to go. I know that this is a bit of a cop-out gift, but you’ll have no trouble finding a voucher for the gamer in your life. Many PC gamers use chat-room programs such as Skype to talk to other players in-game. If this is the case with your gamer, you can get them Skype credits at a discounted price. Or, if they play games which require a subscription, then get vouchers for the next few months. Most gaming stores will offer gift cards too. If you want to give a present that can’t go wrong, then choose a voucher!

I hope these suggestions have helped you buy for the gamer in your life. All the different choices and jargon can make it a difficult task. Soon though, you’ll find it’s far from impossible!

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