5 reasons why you should never choose a free hosting

by Elon Musk | Thursday, Jun 1, 2017 | 2182 views

Creating your first website can be quite the learning experience, just like learning any new skill, you will likely have low expectations for your first few attempts. If you are starting a new website and you are on a tight budget, then free web hosting must be the better option, right? Wrong. It is important to remember, nothing is free.

Free thing is good just because it is free. But sometimes it costs you more. If you want to host your website on a free web host, you need to think again. There are several reasons why you should avoid free hosting services.

In order to help you better understand all of them, I’ve constructed this list of 5 main reasons on why you should never choose a free hosting solution for your website:


avoid free hosting


Free web hosting providers will place their advertisement anywhere they want to, without waiting your permission. This want compromise your website and leave you with ads you initially don’t want to see on your page, it’ll also take all your advertising space, and you will not have anything left to rent to people who are interested in promoting their business on your website.

Not Reliable

Many free web hosting services could potentially insert malware into your website or share your personal information with others. It is not possible to trust them entirely. They won’t bother your site much; they have other works to do.

You are Not the Boss

When you don’t own your own site, you have no power over its existence or presence. The company decide to take away your free-domain any time. Your site can be removed for many reasons.

No Customization, No Support

Free web hosting generally lacks technical support or it may not even offer customer support at all. So, if you have a technical problem, you are basically on your own. If something goes wrong, and you start to experience difficulties with your website, you’ve to figure them out by yourself.

Limited Storage and Bandwidth

Well, obvious, limited space and bandwidth. Why do you want to feed your blog with low-quality food? Having poor space and bandwidth will destroy your blog very soon.

If your site draws too much traffic in future, then your blog will be affected by that low bandwidth.

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