4 Essential Gaming Accessories

by BeemTech | Friday, Nov 21, 2014 | 2612 views

Christmas is the perfect time to invest in some new gaming accessories. The good news is that the big day is just around the corner. Plus, 2014 has seen some huge leaps in technology in terms of gaming accessories. There are now more options than ever before. the technology is being refined and improved constantly. Each of the items listed below provide a seamless addition to your gaming experience.

Ferrari Steering Wheel

Some of the items here will help you stay connected and allow for a more social gaming experience. Others will immerse you in a single player game like never before. Some of the accessories here will revolutionise the gaming world entirely. They allow for a completely new experience and set the standard for gaming to come. So, get your Christmas lists ready and start adding to them.

Oculus rift

Okay, so this one isn’t actually available to mass markets until 2015. However, start saving your Christmas money, because you will want this piece of equipment. Oculus rift is the first major virtual reality headset that will hit the market. It will comply with a number of games already out there and change your gaming experience. You’ll already find early play tests on YouTube and the results are amazing. You’ll be able to explore worlds like you’re really there.

Gaming keyboards and keypads

A lot of gaming keyboards are not what they seem. Many developers will add those low blue lights and a cool design before calling it a ‘gaming keyboard’. Be wary of these cheap imitators when buying one. A true gaming keyboard will create a much better gameplay experience. One such advantage is being able to assign multiple key functions to one key. You will also make use of an ergonomic design which increases comfort for long gaming sessions. Assuming you’re a serious PC gamer, you may also want to invest in a gaming mouse. You can assign trigger functions to additional buttons. Plus, they are far more responsive than traditional mice.

Steering wheels

Additional steering wheels were originally just a nice idea. They rarely contributed any useful playability to driving games. Now, however, the technology is sufficiently developed. PC steering wheels are now a great addition to driving games. They give you the feel and experience of really being behind the wheel. Match it with an amazing sound system or headphones and you’ll feel like you’re in an F1 car.


More and more gaming is taking place online. People are coming together in strategy games to form teams. They communicate amongst one another and build tactics over the internet. This requires the best quality headsets to communicate. Some now come with voice recognition that will type what you say out loud. These seamlessly integrated accessories will become more and more common as online gaming spreads. Get in there early and grab yourself one of the best headsets.

Gaming accessories exist to make gaming feel even more immersive. They help you to connect with others and improve your gaming experience. You can go for longer, reach further and explore more. With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to stock up.

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