Tips to Install Security Lighting

by BeemTech | Monday, Nov 28, 2016 | 4663 views

It’s that time of the year again – you’ll soon be arriving at and leaving office while it’s dark outside. If you don’t want to hurt yourself or your employees while entering or exiting business premises, you’ll need to think about installing security lighting, preferably from award-winning specialist 2020 Vision. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for the best security lighting for your business premises.

Security Lighting

Where to Install?

Your aim should be to eliminate all dark corners around the office. Prominently, you should think about installing security lighting in these areas:

  • The perimeter of your office
  • All entrances used by people and cars
  • Along any roadways that lead to/from the premises
  • In open areas like parks, yards etc
  • In the parking lot
  • Outside the gatehouse
  • All around the loading docks
  • Along the decks of open piers

Which Security Lighting Do I Need?

It all depends on where you intend to install it. There are several types of security lighting available to install in different parts of your business premises. Below are guidelines that’ll come in handy while you’re installing security lighting around your office.

  • For the perimeter: opt for equipment with lighting lux level of 5
  • For entrances used by people and cars: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 50 and 100 respectively
  • Along roadways: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 5-20
  • In open spaces: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 2.5
  • Car Parks: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 2-20
  • Gatehouse: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 300
  • Loading Docks: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 160
  • Piers: opt for equipment with lighting lux level 2-50

This is the general guideline. You can always customize it according to your needs. For instance, some people use 100-watt high-pressure sodium (SON) lighting equipment for perimeters and carparks. This does not only offer adequate visibility and illumination, but also maintains visibility in fog.

If you’re hoping to install security lighting at a nearby building that isn’t directly relevant to you, you can go for 70-watt SON to create ambient lighting conditions.

At all check points across the business premises, always use metal halide. These create daylight-like illumination, enabling checkers to view people and objects clearly, even in the dark of the night.

And while you’re installing security lighting, always make sure your CCTV arrangements do not get affected by it. You surely don’t want to experience a blinding glare in your footages, particularly when you’re trying to spot a problem. Review your CCTV and security lighting systems on periodic basis to ensure smooth functioning of both.

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