What are the Benefits to a Ceramic Vape Pen, Such as Jupiter?

by Tim Higgins | Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018 | 3285 views

New ideas for cartridges to be made from, a material which is not only cheap by good for your health as well, and Jupiter is doing it’s job to provide you with their best that a men dreams of.

Jupiter vape pen

In the lack of a protective bonded coating usually results in frequent failures of the wires, since oxidation of the alloy is accelerated with rising temperature. This phenomenon is amplified when there is presence of e-liquid mixtures or during repetitive heating and cooling periods. This creates a layer of oxidized material at the surface, and the risk of that particle layer to be peeled off is present.

Ceramic Vape Pen

Vaporizers work by heating the fluids to its boiling point where is starts to vaporize and not get burnt, this process accounts for the smooth pull and clean taste which consumers expect from the vaporizer, but getting that is no easy task.

This is where the ceramic cartridges fill the empty space, ceramic is more of an ideal material for cartridges, and it’s lower in cost compared to other materials. The real benefit with ceramic vape pen is that most of the impurities of the liquid gets stuck on the sides of ceramic which can later be discarded, and you may not want to reuse it, because the taste may not be to your liking.

Jupiter Vapes And Cartridges

Jupiter is a company that makes the high quality vape pens and oil cartridges. The company makes several disposable cartridges and borosilicate glass cartridges designs which are reusable.  Jupiter create large variety of cartridges, which flags the company experienced in the field, which made the Jupiter vape pens to be best in market.

The ceramic used by Jupiter, CCELL which is porous and is similar to rigid sponge that gives it the ability to wick highly viscous liquids. When these elements are burned they keep on burning without drying out which allows the higher power run and make more vapor without worrying about burning fluids.

The porous ceramic helps cartridges made by Jupiter breathe better and also ensuring that as fluid in the cartridge is vaporized, the air is allowed in to replace it, because proper breathing is a key to vape to the last bit of oil in the cart and give you full pleasure every time you vape. It is a top product among the users and everyone knows where to buy Jupiter vape pen or other products made by Jupiter.



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