Shure announced KSE1200, a lower-cost version of its high-end KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System

Audio hardware maker Shure has recently announced the provision of its new top class sound isolating electrostatic earphone system this week in the form of the KSE1200 earphones which might be now to be had to buy priced at $1,999. The Shure KSE1200 are ready with a pair of single‐driver electrostatic Sound separating earphones and coupled, excessive voltage amplifier all small enough to slide into your pocket.

Like it’s older sibling, the KSE1200 device is a portable audio-ampliciation machine that gives excessive-constancy listening in pretty much any surroundings, with an incredibly high degree of detail and isolation for a portable listening device. The KSE1200 provides the identical basic performance and tech of the KSE1500, however omits the DSP and virtual inputs, resulting in a greater compact and low-priced tool.


With the simplified and greater low cost KDE1200 customer will want to provide their own DSP, which permits owners to have sound extra proper to their person tastes. “The enter stage of the device is designed for seamless integration with top rate audio gamers common in nowadays’s high satisfactory portable audio market. Providing an unrivaled level readability and detail, the KSE1200 gadget brings the award winning performance of Shure’s electrostatic tech into a more compact, efficient, and low cost solution.”

At simply shy of $2,000, whether or not or no longer Shure’s brand new is well worth the hefty rate tag continues to be up inside the air. Every person has one of a kind sound choices, so even as some may discover the audio output simply right, others may additionally dislike the dearth of bass. Regardless, Shure is pretty much the handiest business enterprise proper now surely producing electrostatic amplifier structures, so if you want the very best-cease audio on-the-go, those may also thoroughly be your fine option. The KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone gadget can be to be had for buy in May. Nevertheless need extra efficient than this, then the Shure KSE1500 is the only one that’s just proper, found out at chicago business conferences 2017.

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