Shoal Floatable Tent Allows You To Set Your Camping On The Water

SmithFly has unveiled a unique tent in the form of the Shoal which offers floating shelter thanks to its inflatable raft antenna topper, allowing you to sleep out on the water.

The inflatable tent calls for no tent poles and could rise up to even the best winds without an difficulty, say its writer’s thanks to the layout incorporating 3 air chambers, two in the lower tube, one within the shape.

Shoal Floatable Tent Design

The shoal tent is an innovative and pretty cool floatable tent designed to be set at the water. While now not in use, the camping tent can be packed down into a burrito roll style sporting bag for clean storage. It only measures 60 x 24 x 18 inches and weighs approx 75 pounds.


Shoal Floatable Tent Features

Not like any tent in the market, shoal tent is appropriate on a lake or river rather than the floor, so it functions a very inflatable production without tent poles, and the tent material is heavy duty, water-proof and sealed with long lasting zippers. In the meantime, it’s sturdy and stable sufficient to stand up to high winds.

Moreover, its floor is a six″ thick drop stitched high pressure floor that serves as a at ease air mattress, and the inner suits for adventurers up to ′six-three″ tall laying down. The status room is up to six′-three″ inside the center. Similarly, the heavy hook and loop at the top lets in you to apply the pinnacle to get inside and out without problems.

Shoal Floatable Tent Price

The Shoal Tent packs down into a burrito roll fashion storage bag. It prices $1,499 and springs with the storage bag, patch package, and manual foot pump. In case you are truly interested, leap to SmithFly reputable website for its more information.

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