Samsung announced the launch of its 2017 MU Series 4K Ultra HD TV lineup

Samsung finally announced the details about its 2017 4K UHD television lineup, specifically their new MU series of televisions. The collection includes the MU6300, MU6500, MU7000, MU7500, MU8000, MU8500, and MU9000 series. Pricing on these new 4K UHD sets start at $549USD and go up to $1,999+ USD.

The entry-level line has sizes ranging from 40-inches to 75-inches, while the MU 9 Series from 55-inches to 75-inches, the MU 8 from 49-inches to 82-inches, and the MU 7 Series ranges from 40-inches to 65-inches. Each set features a 4K image, High Dynamic Range support, and Smart TV features.


MU series

The MU 6 Series (40 inches to 75 inches) is the most ‘basic’ with things like HDR picture support, Samsung’s Smart TV system, as well as a Smart Remote Control. The MU 7 Series (40 inches to 65 inches) is more advanced than the most basic MU 6 series (40 inches to 75 inches), however, with its wider range of the colors. MU 8 Series (49 inches to 82 inches) has even more colors and exhibits extreme contrast between the darkest darks and the lightest lights. Finally, the MU 9 Series (55 inches to 75 inches) is the most advanced out of the bunch, giving you Triple Black Extreme and an anti-reflective layer for keeping glares down.

Some of Samsung’s 2017 MU TV lineup is now available, while the other models are available for pre-order. The televisions are now available from select retailers and through Samsung’s US website, where you can also check out the prices for specific models and sizes.

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