Onelink & Safe Sound smoke carbon monoxide alarm serves as a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa

Voice assistants are making their way into current houses inside a myriad of gadgets, making it perfectly good enough for folks to bark instructions at their lamps, vacuum cleaners and light bulbs. The ultra-modern household item to advantage this capability is the smoke detector, with US safety company First Alert unveiling a ceiling-set up alarm that doubles as an Alexa-enabled speaker.

Homeowners can ask Alexa to circulation song from Amazon Music, Pandora, and shortly Spotify, read the information, take a look at the weather, control other smart home devices, and more. Audio playback is also supported through Bluetooth.


Onelink & Safe Sound Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Features

As a ways as popular capability is going, the Onelink can nevertheless perform all of the duties traditional smoke alarm (after which a few). The 2-and-1 gadget will notify you of whilst it detects both smoke or carbon monoxide, and you could effortlessly check and silence your alarm the use of the Onelink home companion app for iOS and Android. The device additionally functions a subtle, multi-coloured nightlight, that’s controllable through the aforementioned app.

In case you opt for Google’s digital assistant over Alexa, you’re in good fortune, as First Alert can even introduce an Assistant-well matched model at an undisclosed date and price in the near future. The Alexa version, with the intention to be extensively to be had in March and is presently available for pre-order.

One of the most disappointing factors of the Onelink smoke detector is the reality which you won’t be capable of use Google Assistant to silence the alarm if it detects smoke from a cooking mishap. That is maximum possibly a protection precaution to make certain no one misuses the Assistant to silence alarms in the face of an emergency.

To silence an alarm, you will need to use the mobile companion application. Thankfully, the app will also receive push notifications when the smoke detector is set off, allowing you to know remotely if your home might be in harm’s way

Onelink & Safe Sound Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Price

The Onelink Safe & Sound is currently available for $249.99 from Amazon and First Alert’s online store in the United States, but a regular price of $299.99 is listed. It’s unclear when the $50 off introductory offer will end.

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