Lumzag smart backpack perfectly matches with your active lifestyle

Many clients are sporting a number of specific gadgets with them when they head out on their shuttle, so the ‘Lumzag’ smart baggage are integrated with safety functions to make certain you and your gear are protected.

Integrated with a rearview digital camera at the backpack, the bags are outfitted with a remote antitheft alarm device as a way to assist you to understand if a person tries to get access your pack. The interior compartment of the packs have a light that will help you fast find what you are seeking out, whilst wired-free charging generation, a power bank and WiFi connectivity preserve customers supported at all times.

The ‘Lumzag’ smart baggage are perfect for every day commuting functions, but also are a solid alternative for avid guests that need to maintain a better eye on their vital tools.


Lumzag Smart Backpack Design

The Lumzag smart backpack measures 11.4 x 5.9 x 17.3 inches and weighs 3.3 lbs. As we will see from the pix, it shows off a minimalistic and fashionable appearance design, and the black outside is crafted from carbon fiber for an extremely robust and sturdy creation, whilst the silicone lined authentic Italian leather-based makes the backpack actually water repellent and comfort searching. Meanwhile, its water repellent AquaGuard zippers securely maintain your assets in place.

Lumzag Smart Backpack Features

The backpack supplies 19L capability with more than one inner wallet and slots with a view to maintain your pc, tablet, books, playing cards, and more objects prepared. A hidden external pocket is arranged at the lower back to maintain a few crucial sheets inclusive of boarding pass, coins, passport and greater. More importantly, the clever backpack capabilities a removable smart field that supplies a couple of splendid functions. Of path, at the start you need to wirelessly connect it along with your smartphone. the use of mainly designed stickers and integrated sensor, the smart box serves as a powerful item tracker that forestalls you from forgetting approximately dropping some thing.

Moreover, when the distance between you and the bag is above your set maximum, it will activate high-pitched alarm. It acts as a GPS tracker so you will always know the exact location of your Lumzag. With a built-in specially designed data sim, it ensures you always stay connected on the internet.

In addition, the backpack also features a back view camera on the front panel so you will always be aware about what is going on behind when you’re on the road. Built-in 10000mAh portable power bank can be used to charge your mobile devices, and an extra wireless charger can be arranged on the shoulder strap pocket so that you can more conveniently charge your Qi-enabled smartphone. In addition to the smart backpack, the Lumzag is available in two other models including Lumzag smart messenger bag and Lumzag smart crossbody bag. All of them almost share same features except different sizes.

Lumzag Smart Backpack Price

The team behind Lumzag is raising fund for the bags via Indiegogo. We can pledge $269/$239/$169 to preorder the smart backpack, smart messenger bag or smart crossbody bag. All the models will be shipped in December 2018.

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