Levixtor MBox smart projector delivers a unique appearance design

Meet the Levixtor MBox: a smart projector with a levitating speaker that lets you enjoy your favorite motion pictures on a larger display. The projector has a resolution of 1080p HD and is quite bright. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control with laser pen, voice, and wired-free mouse capability.

Levixtor MBox Smart Projector Design

Levixtor MBox is a uniquely designed smart projector that runs MUI device, an Android primarily based OS for large monitors. As we can see from the photos, the projector suggests off a sleek and minimal design, and the top surface looks as if a tiny football field, whilst the levitating speaker is shaped as mini football to in match the theme of 2018 FIFA international Cup. In the meantime, the compact design allows you to position it into a custom sporting case for portability.


Levixtor MBox Smart Projector Features

The smart projector can show clean and distinctive 1080p pics with its 500 lumen brightness and autofocus tech. Furthermore, the built-in LED light sources may be used for five years (6 hours in keeping with day) for an extended-lasting lifespan. The usage of WiFi connectivity, it wirelessly be a part of on your local network, and its Android OS allows you to effortlessly access to numerous multimedia content. furthermore, its HDMI port permits it to connect with different gadgets like Nintendo switch, Xbox One a x extra, and USB ports are designed to work with your USB storage devices. More importantly, the smart projector features a levitating speaker that can provide balanced audio performance, and it is able to work as an individual wired-free speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth while you just need to concentrate to track.

Levixtor MBox Smart Projector Price

The team behind MBox is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $499 to preorder the smart projector with levitating wireless speaker. It will be shipped in December 2018.

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