Leica Has Jumped Into The Fray With An Instant Camera, The Sofort

by Elon Musk | Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016 | 2296 views

Leica has taken the wraps off its new Sofort camera, something photographers can use to ‘create small, haptic works of art and for lasting memories,’ according to the company. The Leica Sofort features a fixed 60mm (34mm equivalent) lens with an F12.7 aperture, an integrated flash, 8 operation modes, 1/8 to 1/400s mechanical shutter and a rear optical 0.37x viewfinder. In other words, it is more than likely to be a re-badged Fujifilm Instax Mini 90.

It’s designed to capture more spontaneous moments in life, and combines Leica’s top class mechanics and expertise with the fun and creativity of the instant film photography for the very first time. The gorgeous cam is small enough to be versatile on vacation, but also large enough to give you satisfying print size.


Leica Sofort

The camera’s creative tool features preset modes for Automatic, Sports & Action, Party & People, and Macro, helping you shoot properly exposed photos in a wide range of situations. There are also opt for shooting multiple exposures, time exposures, self-portraits, and self-timer photos.

In addition to announcing the Sofort, Leica has also unveiled two lines of Leica-branded film. One is a standard color film and other is a black-and-white Instax Mini film. Unlike Fujifilm’s Instax Mini film, which have whiter boarders, Leica Sofort instant film features a warm cream borders — a nod to ‘the nostalgic character of instant photography,’ Leica says.

The Leica Sofort camera will be available from November, 2016 in a choice of three contemporary colors – orange, classic white and mint – and will retail at $299.

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